Our Stud Welding Department manufactures and distributes the most complete line of products and accessories for ARC and Capacitor Discharge Stud Welding Systems.

The Capacitor Discharge “CD” Process

The Capacitors are charged to a pre-set voltage to suit the diameter to be welded. The stud pip is placed into contact with the sheet.
Upon triggering, the stored energy is discharged as a high current pulse, melting the pip and producing an arc.
Return spring pressure forces the stud into the molten surface area on the sheet to give complete fusion across the flange.
The Drawn Arc “DA” Process

Current and weld time is pre-set to suit the diameter to be welded. The stud is then placed on the plate.
Upon triggering, a pilot arc occurs as the stud lifts to a pre-set height.
The main arc then melts the weld end of the stud and creates a molten pool in the plate.
Return spring pressure forges the stud into the molten pool. The ferrule contains the molten metal and shapes the fillet.

Stud Welding
The benefits of this system are:

There are so many benefits to this system including fast attachment, no reverse marking. Access is only required from one side, and above all portable and very easy to use

Our range of studs in stock is vast. They vary in size and strength. Mild steel is to B5970 low carbon continually cast and normalized. Strength grade is 4.7 as derived from BS3692. Strength and stainless steel is to B5970 type 304S15 with minimum UTS+480 (30 Tons/in).
All threads are rolled 8g (free fit) to BS 3643 part 2 ISO Metric Threads.

Contact us for supply, service or to subcontract your stud welding requirements.

From hand held m/c’s to full CNC controlled automatic stud feed we have the answers.

The CD200 uses state of the art inverter technology resulting in a much more efficient Studwelding machine than before. Faster charge rates and a rapid welding action substantially reduce weld time. Lightweight and easily portable, the CD200 weighs in at around half of many other conventional studwelding equipment.


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