Organically Coated Steel is the pre-painted and metallic coated division of CCgroup  UK Holdings. Operating from a strategic position in the Midlands we are able to offer unrivaled distribution throughout the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and Europe. Our purpose built Durmech and RedBud Kombi-lines enables us to offer a range of coated products in the format you require to close tolerances.

Organically Coated Steel source material from a number of World class suppliers in order to offer an unparalleled choice of products, including environmentally friendly non-PVC coatings, to match your specific requirements. We also offer a complete product development facility to assist you in terms of which products suit your end-use and how to implement pre-painted steel into your production process.


Modern Engineering relies heavily on having high quality alloys built for construction.

Bending aluminum and in particular aluminum tubes is not something that is easily done. It takes the right technology and the right expertise to be able to this. You can read how bending aluminium works on the official website of Kersten Europe. It is just an overview, so it is suitable for you if you are not familiar with how this particular technology works.


All kinds of tubes, places and different bent sections can be made. Companies such as Kerstern Europe are masters of this process. This is a very separate process to 3D printing or 3D cutting which requires a separate materials and a different procedure.

This technology is in high demand in the Middle East in countries like the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The countries are experiencing huge booms in their construction industries and naturally they need the right materials to build large skyscrapers and other large constructions projects. The ministry of Energy and Industry has said it will need increase amounts high quality aluminium to meets the needs of the country’s economic growth. It is exspected that high tech industries and construction will play a critical part in the economic diversification of the gulf region.

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